Services / Corporate financing

SilverSky Group advises its clients in all financial matters.

Together, we develop a financing strategy that suits you and is tailored to your individual requirements and expectations. Our services include:

  • Determination of financing requirements
  • Evaluation and selection of alternative financial concepts and models
  • Acquisition of growth capital
  • Restructuring consultancy
  • Design of business concepts and financial plans
  • Selection and introduction of financing partners, including accompanying negotiations
  • Short-term investment/bridging capital from ViPassion Corporate Financing

A further focus of our activities is on the topic of cross-border transactions with Asia, in particular China. Our local partners facilitate collaboration with appropriate investors, utilizing native language and translated investment documentation.

Life Sciences in China, with over 20% growth in recent years and anticipated strong prospects for the future, is one of the sectors with the highest growth potential of this century.

Chinese enterprises have recently emerged as strong investors, as illustrated by the ViPassion Corporate Financing –mediated relationship between Fosun Pharmaceuticals and miacom diagnostics GmbH. In the future, business and finance transactions between Chinese and European companies are expected to escalate. This is especially relevant for start-up and young organizations, as such dealings are usually long-term and provide a unique advantage for a successful opening into one of the World’s most important markets.

Against this background, cross-border relationships with China, particularly within the Life Science Sector, are increasingly important. However, successful partnerships require professional handling, whereby internationally experienced intermediaries and advisors are essential.

SilverSky Life Sciences and our local partners in Hong Kong and Shanghai not only have a proven track record in this field, but also offer valuable contact to local key personnel and our robust network.

We actively assist our clients through all challenges to enable the best possible outcomes with the least possible complications.


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