Sektoren / Life Sciences

SilverSky Life Sciences can claim more than 100 years of international operational experience in the conversion of new technologies into successfully functioning business models, both as entrepreneurs in startups as well as managers in mid-cap companies.

To date, the team has reviewed over 500 business plans and invention disclosure reports, completed multiple multi-million Euros funding rounds for startups and growth stage companies, and has facilitated both national and international technological and medical licensing in Europe, Japan, China and the USA.

With extensive experience as consultants and entrepreneurs, we can provide effective assistance in all corporate financing issues along your value creation chain, ranging from sustainable funding options for developmental projects through to expansion financing and business partnerships.

The focus of our advisory services is on companies in the following industries:

  • Biotechnology
  • Diagnostics
  • Medical technology
  • Pharmaceutical


Network management

SilverSky is one of the few companies in Germany to utilize their scientific, business und industry knowledge in the provision of a life science network management service. From network conception and establishment, through marketing and PR, to organization of topic-specific external workshops, we take care of organization and coordination so that network partners can pursue their scientific and technological projects. A vital contribution is our support with funding applications and administration, where greater chances of success come from cooperative projects. Other advantages include sharing technologies, pooling competencies and networking to boost innovation and promote economic growth. We have successfully secured state funding (via the ZIM programme) for the management of networks, composed of SMEs within the biotech, medtech and pharma fields and partner research institutes.


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