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We operate within a highly efficient, energetic and professional network. Our partners have excellent expertise, ample operational experience and extensive industrial knowledge and our collaborations over the years testify quality and performance.

Through our network we can offer you a fully customized solution package, so that you can profit from relevant potentials and synergies.


SSP-LAW is a multidisciplinary firm of lawyers, tax consultants and accountants working in corporate finance. The company specializes in fastidious, solution-orientated legal and tax advice in planning, transactions and liability issues for national and international companies and entrepreneurs.

SilverSky Life Sciences works closely with SSP-LAW on topics such as preparation for company acquisition or sale, due diligence, risk assessment, strategic planning for optimal company structuring, and preparation and settlement of transactions with US partners.

In order to promote the development of fledgling companies, SilverSky Group and SSP-LAW are jointly financing a platform offering fundamental contractual material for high-tech and life science Startups to download. This will shortly be available at www.VP-legal.com.

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Healthios Capital Markets, LLC

This US Investment bank, with headquarters in Illinois, USA, offers strategic advisory and investment banking services exclusively to emerging growth healthcare companies.

SilverSky Life Sciences supports Healthios Capital Markets, LLC when clients are based in Europe and Asia; reciprocally, Healthios Capital Markets, LLC supports SilverSky Group with contacts located in the USA.

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Jakob & Sozien

The SME-orientated Jakob & Sozien advises clients on all matters relating to accounting and tax. This modern and service-focused company takes pride in its dependably current, multidisciplinary approach.

Formed from their time together at McKinsey, the close working relationship and long-standing friendship between Mirko Stange and Christoph Jakob has benefitted clients advised jointly between SilverSky Life Sciences and Jakob & Sozien and contributed to successful M&A transactions.

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BioRiver – Life Science im Rheinland e.V.

Bioriver was founded in 2004 as an independent branch of Life Science im Rheinland (Life Science in Rhineland) and since then has successfully driven networking within the region. The association provides a platform for vigorous interaction between industry, academia, investors and policy makers. Via active participation of its members, Bioriver promotes the transfer of biotechnology knowledge between academia and business and acts as an intermediary between research groups, research projects and the industry. Furthermore Bioriver is a proficient representative for the North Rhine-Westphalia state’s administration.

SilverSky Life Sciences actively supports the development of the life science sector in the region through our Bioriver membership. We gladly share our experience and offer coaching to fledgling companies and entrepreneurs.

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