About us / Remuneration

We operate as entrepreneurs and strive to warrant our fees. Hence our remuneration comes primarily in the form of a contingent fee, which is only charged upon successful execution.

Non-dilutive funding solutions
Our advice and assistance in the acquisition of non-dilutive funding is largely compensated through a contingent fee. Based on our experience, we take into account the fact that, in some cases, funds are only released six to twelve months after a successful application.

Advice for financing solutions
The planning and procurement of financing is compensated by a flat hourly rate together with a contingent fee.

Advice on corporate sales and corporate acquisitions
Our contingent fee is related to the value of the sales transaction. In addition there is a monthly consulting fee proportionate to the level of work involved.

Our underlying principle: a contingent fee is only payable when our advice and support lead to a successful result.


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